The Power of Relentless Pursuit

Action, Action, Action


A little over a year ago, during Christmas break of my senior year, I wrote my book in 22 days. After I finished writing the book, I thought I’d have it published in another month or so. But once break was over, I got back into the routine of school, and got caught up in homework and studying again. Then March came and I got busy applying for jobs for when I was done with school. Suddenly, it was May, and as I was graduating, my book was still nowhere to being finished.

My plan then changed to have the book published and ready to sell by August, just as the Fall semester got started. Well, in May I started my new job, and I didn’t even think about my book for another four months. The most frustrating part was I had already paid an editor to work on it for me, so all I had to do was make the changes and go through the publishing process. For whatever reason, I just wasn’t taking action, and because of that my book continued to get pushed back.


When I initially made the decision to write a book, I went to the Rawlings library in Pueblo, every single day for an average of three hours a day, until it was completed. Because of that massive action I took, I did in 22 days what takes most people a year or two to complete. But after those 22 days, 9 months went by with almost no action.

I came back to Pueblo in September of 2016, and I couldn’t walk out of my house without someone asking me about the book. “Didn’t you write a book?” “Is your book ever getting published?” I got to the point where I just had to get it done. This was my dream, and I needed to see it through. From that point on I took massive action. I went to the library again a few weekends in a row and made all of the changes my editor suggested. My mom saw an announcement in the newspaper about a self-publishing lecture that was going to be held downtown, and I made sure to attend. That lecture led me to Doug Sterner, who was incredibly knowledgeable about CreateSpace (a self-publishing platform), and I immediately started working with him to get my book published.

The bottom line is, I started taking action every single day. I came back to Pueblo in September, and my book was ready to go up on Amazon at the end of November. Action was the differentiator, and I was shocked how quickly everything came together once I made progress a priority.

“The cowards never started, and the weak died along the way – that leaves us.” – Phil Knight

Whenever I have goals now that I want to achieve, I always think back to my book. My book literally started as a simple idea in my head, and now it’s a physical product that I can hold in my hands and actually sell to other people. What enabled the invisible to become visible, is the simple decision to act until it became my reality. That’s it. Not a huge monumental event that changed everything for me; it was hour after hour spent by myself, sitting in the corner of the library, writing nonstop. Did I always feel like sitting in a library by myself writing for hours? Absolutely not. I could have been watching Netflix or lying in bed sleeping.

But if you have a dream that you want to achieve, it takes consistent, relentless action. There’s a lot to be said for someone who refuses to be stopped. I’m not going to lie to you, it’s not always fun. Sometimes sitting at home with a hot coffee and watching basketball sounds like a better idea. But I promise you this: it is worth it. Every bit of it. The majority of the world is sitting at home watching Netflix, and it’s an incredible feeling to enter the ranks of those who want something more out of this world than that. But always remember this: to get more you’re going to have to do more. So I implore you, DO MORE.

“Gotta do more, gotta be more.” – Dead Poets Society

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