Why the Let’s March Blog Will Help You Be the Change You Seek in the World

Focus of this blog: Education, Millennials, & Personal Development

Let’s March is a movement to challenge the status quo, march the path less traveled, and passionately pursue your dreams. I founded Let’s March because I’m not happy with the world I find myself living in. I think education is outdated, politics have become ridiculous, and we as humanity in general have lost our sense of adventure and curiosity that launched us to the moon.

This blog will challenge conventional thinking and engage a community of people who are curious enough to ask the right questions, and hungry enough to create solutions to the world’s greatest problems. What I can promise you will find on this blog are thought-provoking posts; I don’t have all the answers, but I am passionate about striving towards progress. I challenge my readers to be better, and to work together towards contributing to a better world. Action is everything, and taking action on the things we truly believe in is the only way we will ever have an impact on this world.

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The Author


Taylor Voss is an author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. He is the founder of the Let’s March movement¬†and author of the book Getting Strength From My Struggles: The Secret to Success in College That Nobody Talks About. Above all else, he is a contrarian thinker, big dreamer, and has no respect for the status quo.